Xiaomi QDJ4016GL Mi Home Security Camera 360 degrees 720P

Xiaomi QDJ4016GL Mi Home Security Camera 360 degrees 720P


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Xiaomi QDJ4016GL Mi Home Security Camera 360 degrees 720P

360 degrees panoramic view
Xiaomi MiJia Smart Home 360 degrees ??-camera has a noncantilevered design, which helps you to freely adjust the shooting angle using the Smart Home application. Now you can get a better idea of what is happening on the screen, and all members of your big family will easily fit into a frame together on the video of any event.

High-quality, clear image with stable transmission
Xiaomi use the chip from American leader of image processing - Ambarella S2LM, which allows you to shoot video with a resolution of 720p and also supports a 4x digital Magic Zoom. Now you can see every detail of the video in full color and stunning clarity.

Professional treatment of lens distortion with LDC technology
EVETAR lens with low distortion and professional LDC technology. High precision algorithm can reduce the bending of frame edges, so you will always get a smooth, beautiful and clear picture that will please your eyes.

Pleasant communication
Open up new opportunities for conversation. Two-way microphone allows you to make video calls, helping you to be closer to your family. With the advanced technology such as DSP processing Xiaomi has managed to achieve excellent sound quality, so you will only hear a pleasant voice without unnecessary interference and noise.

24-hour security
Your camera can shoot well even in low light conditions. An infrared filter lowers the veil of darkness - Xiaomi MiJia Smart Home 360 degrees camera has a night vision feature. You no longer have to worry about what is happening, for example, with your pet in the next room. You can see everything you need without even getting out of bed.

Motion detection function
Using advanced image analysis algorithms, the camera can accurately capture a moving object. You will also receive a notification on your smartphone when the camera detects movement.



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