Videofied W210 GPRS Wireless/Cordless Alarm System

Videofied W210 GPRS Wireless/Cordless Alarm System


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Videofied W210 GPRS Wireless/Cordless Alarm System

The W series control panel is a wireless hybrid alarm system. It is designed for residential and small business security applications.
The W alarm panel protects assets and persons in a defined area, thanks to the installations of RSI radio detectors.
With their LAN or 2G3G transmitters, the events are perfectly transmitted from the W and WIP panels to the security server. The available variants allow for any needed combination: LAN, 2G, 2G+LAN, 3G+LAN.
The WIP210 panel is fitted with two transmitters (2G3G and LAN), allowing perfect reporting to the security server.
This panel is powered by USB 5VDC (5VDC for WIP6xx and WIP7xx) through an AC adapter/charger. In case of power failure, a rechargeable lithium battery will power the system.
The following customization options allow you to configure the alarm system as needed:
- WLAN 802.11 (WWB100) transmlitter option.
- Supervised wired input/outputs option (WIO100) to link the system to wired devices.
- A wired and supervised siren option (WIS100) connected to the W panel also allowing the use of additional Videofied wireless sirens (indoor and outdoor).
A programming keypad is mandatory to install, set up and use the W alarm panel.

With the two modes of transmission, LAN/WLAN and GSM, the W series panel ensures maximum safety. In case of LAN/WLAN connection loss, the W panel will switch immediately to GSM to transmit alarms and videos.

Supervised Wireless Technology
The W series, along with all Videofied devices uses patented S2View - Spread Spectrum, Videofied, Interactive, AES Encrypted Wireless technology, providing optimum signal integrity and security. Bi-directional RF communication between all system devices and the system control panel assure high signal reliability. Integrated antennas eliminate protruding wires or rods cumbersome to install and unsightly to consumers, and if damaged could lead to potential system communication problems. The panel supervises every device (excluding the remote keyfob) to monitor current open/close state, tamper condition, serial number, date of manufacture, firmware revision, and battery status.

Electrical data
Power Supply (NOT INCLUDED)
W210 / WIP 210 / WIP 220 / WIP 230: 5VDC/1A Mini-USB connector, AC/DC adapter (110/230VAC/50-60 Hz) available (WPS100)
WIP 620 / WIP 630 / WIP 720 / WIP730: 12VDC/1A - Wire connection
Backup battery (NOT INCLUDED)
Battery technology Rechargeable: 3.7V Lithium-ion battery
Battery voltage (fully charged): 4.1 V
Low battery level: 3.95 V
Guaranteed autonomy when the low battery level is reached: 36 hrs
Average current consumption in standby mode: 600 microA
Max consumption: 1 A
RF S2View technology
Radio type: Bidirectionnal RF
Operating frequency
868MHz - WIP210/220/230 - W210 (Europe, South Africa, Asia)
915MHz - FHSS - WIP620/630 (USA, Canada, South America)
920MHz - FHSS - WIP720/730 (Australia, South America)
Transmission security: AES encryption algorithm
Radio jam detection: Yes
Supervision: Yes
Antenna: Integrated
Tamper Detection
Tamper: Wall and cover tamper detection
Physical and Environmental Data
Operating temperature: -10 / +55 C
Maximum relative humidity: 75%, non-condensing
Material: ABS-ULV0
International Protection Marking: IP31 / IK06
Panel: 143 mm x 200 mm x 44mm (LxWxD)
Control Panel/Base: Two screws secures control panel cover to base, Three screws secure control panel base to the wall
Communicator type: 2G & LAN Ethernet (WIP210), 2G (W210), LAN Ethernet (WIP220 / WIP620 / WIP720), 3G & LAN Ethernet (WIP230 / WIP630 / WIP730)
Security protocol: Frontel
IP Stack: TCP/IP
Video transmission: By Frontel protocol to central monitoring station or App servers
2G3G Antenna: Integrated
Optional modules
Wi-Fi: WWB100 (WLAN 802.11 b/g/n)
Wired Input/Outputs: WIO100 (out of NF&A2P compliance)
Wired Siren: WIS100
Video format: WMV or MPEG
Images per second: 5
Image size: 320x240 or 640x480 pixels
Video length: 4 to 12 seconds
Programming: Keypad or USB
Max number of devices: 24
Max number of codes/badges: 50
Arming modes: 4
Areas: 4
Event log: 4000 events stored on flash memory



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