Videofied XT-IP210 GSM/GPRS/IP with I/O Wireless/Cordless Alarm System

Videofied XT-IP210 GSM/GPRS/IP with I/O Wireless/Cordless Alarm System


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Videofied XT-IP210 GSM/GPRS/IP with I/O Wireless/Cordless Alarm System

Is your site already equipped with an intrusion alarm? We have the solution that will allow you to upgrade to video verification: the XT-iP / XT. No modification and no change for the user! The XT-iP / XT simply piggybacks on top of the existing system and there is no need to change keypads, codes, etc.
The XT-iP / XT alarm system provides both cell back-up and cordless/wireless Videofied MotionViewers in a single package. The 'XTender Mode' uses the existing system to arm/disarm the XT-iP / XT. Alarm and videos of intruders are sent over through the cell network directly to the central station.

Product Features
- Up to 25 devices (MotionViewer, sirens, contacts, keypads...)
- Built in GPRS and radio antenna with 2 easy to access connectors for external aerials
- 3 programmable inputs
- 2 programmable outputs
- GPRS modem integrated
- Ethernet interface (only on XT-iP)

The XT control panel is a Videofied wireless, battery operated, hybrid alarm system that is designed for residential and commercial security applications. The panel is designed to be mounted indoor but may be used for both indoor and outdoor protection. Outdoor applications include construction sites, cell towers, remote locations, storage and power substations. This product requires an available GPRS network.
The system gives you the choice of the following configuration options:
- Multiple arming options: Standalone, Standalone with schedule, Xtender (Piggy-Back)
- Multiple power configurations: Standalone Lithium power (up to 4 years battery life) or 12VDC with less expensive Alkaline batteries as backup.
- Supports up to 25 Videofied wireless devices
- 3 Programmable Inputs and 2 programmable outputs
- Easy to access external antenna connectors for higher performance GPRS and RF radio antennas.

Supervised Wireless Technology
Videofied devices utilize patented S2View - Spread Spectrum, Interactive, AES Encrypted Wireless technology, providing optimum signal integrity and security. Bi-directional RF communication paths between all system devices and the system control panel assure high signal reliability. Integrated antennas eliminate protruding wires or rods cumbersome to install and unsightly to consumers, and if damaged could lead to potential system communication problems. The panel supervises every device (excluding the remote keyfob) to validate current open/close state, tamper condition, serial number, date of manufacture, firmware revision, and battery status.

- Video Verification - captures 10 second, 320 x 240 resolution, 0 lux, 5 fps MPEG video. Approximate file size 220 kilobytes.
- Up to 25 Wireless zones/devices
- Mapping feature to trigger a video upon activation of an event or third party devices
- Panic Alarm Video verification
- Smoke Alarm Video verification
- 3 programmable inputs
- 2 programmable outputs to activate third party devices on site (smoke cloak, gates, lights, strobes, sirens, etc...)
- 2 dedicated on-board connectors to extend the GPRS coverage and the radio coverage
- 4 Areas with 2 special arming modes and partitions
- 20 user codes or badges
- On site configuration/Programming with the Keypad
- 4,000 Events history buffer
- Multiple power option,12VDC with Alkaline batteries for back-up to 1 year or Lithium Batteries only for up to 4 year
- Built-in GPRS communicator for primary or backup alarm communication to monitoring center.

Stand-Alone Mode
In this Mode, the XT control panel works as standard hybrid alarm system with 25 wireless Videofied devices, 3 programmable Inputs and 2 programmable outputs. It is a full stand-alone alarm system.

XTender Mode
In this Mode, the XT control panel works as an extension of your existing alarm system. It will enhance it to Videofied for video verification and can also work as a GPRS cell back-up.

Electrical Data
Power requirements (Option 1) 12V DC / 2A (NOT INCLUDED)
Back up 4 Alkaline 1.5V, D size, LR20 (NOT INCLUDED)
Backup Time (External power failure) 2 months
Power requirements (Option 2) 4 SAFT LSH 20 Batteries (NOT INCLUDED)
Battery life 4 years
RF technology S2View
Radio type Spread Spectrum Bidirectional RF
Operating frequency 868 MHz
Transmission security AES algorithm encryption
Radio jam detection Yes
Supervision Yes
Antenna Embedded or External
Tamper detection Wall and cover tamper detection
Programmable Wired Inputs 3
Programmable Wired Ouputs 2
Arming Wired Inputs 2
Dry contact option NO
Inputs voltage 12VDC (15V max)
Inputs current 3 mA max
Programmable Wired Inputs 3
Dry contact Yes
Inputs voltage 12VDC (15V max)
Programmable Wired Ouputs 2
Max switching voltage 220VDC / 250VAC
Max switching current 4A
Max switching power 120VA
Programming Alphanumeric Keypads or Frontel remote control Software
Devices per system 25 per system
Access codes 20 maximum
Installer codes One (for system programming only)
Security levels 3
Arming modes 2
Areas 4
Communication formats GPRS
Protocols Frontel

Electrical Data
Communication formats IP
Communicator type GPRS cell
IP stack IP, TCP/IP
Remote maintenance Frontel Downloader protocol only
Video transmission By Frontel protocol to central monitoring station
Video format MPEG-1
Video file size 220 Kbytes
Video framing 5 frames/second
Image format JPEG
Image size 320 x 240 pixels
History/Event Log 4,000 events stored in flash memory
Operating temperature 0 - +40 C
Maximum relative humidity 70%, non-condensing

Physical Dat-ULV0
Dimensions (LxWxD) 225 mm x 180 mm x 55mm
Weight 620g (without batteries) / 1600g (with batteries)

Control Panel/Base Two screws secure control panel cover to base; Three screws secure control panel base to the wall
External antennas 2 integrated MMCX connectors to extend the GPRS and RF range



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