UR Fog Fast 01-2C

UR Fog Fast 01-2C


shop price: € 2,618.00
web price: € 2,485.00

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UR Fast 01-2C

Weight of the fog machine: About 22 kg
Weight of one machine in the packaging: About 25 kg
Units on one pallet 100X120: 12
Dimension of the machine: 30x34.5xH42.5
Dimension of packaging: 51x39xH52.5
Colours: Dark grey
Standard working time without main power: Over 2.5 hours
Heat up time from cold: 2.3 hours
Mounting vertical straight or corner: yes
Serial port for monitoring: yes
Anti-tampering: yes

Max fog release in a single shoot: up to 1800 m3
Max seconds of fog release in a single shoot: 60 sec
Max tot emission with full fog tanks: 1800 m3
Number of Cylinders: 2
Fog tank capacity: 2 x 600 ml
Shooting specification: setting in seconds
Cylinder model: A 01
Cylinder included: 2
Double fog tank advantage: yes

Power supply: 220/110 V and 12V
Average power consumptions: 60 W
Optional external battery: yes
Back up battery: yes
Optional demo/antirobbery kit: included
12V from alarm system: not needed

Complies with European CE and EMC: yes
Fog fluid is certified as not dangerous: yes
Meets European standard specifications: yes



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