Videofied ISMV200 Two-way Motion Detector with Integrated Camera Video Look-in (Live Streaming)

Videofied ISMV200 Two-way Motion Detector with Integrated Camera Video Look-in (Live Streaming)


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Videofied ISMV200 Two-way Motion Detector with Integrated Camera Video Look-in (Live Streaming)

Main Features:
- Wireless technology for optimal security.
- Color video (lighted sites) or black & white (night vision).
- Infrared LED for night vision.
- Standard motion coverage lens.
- Wall and cover tamper.
- Powered by 3 Lithium CR123A batteries for extended autonomy.
- Device supervision every 8 minutes.
- Video capture and transmission in 'streaming mode' on user request.

The ISMV 200/601/702 is a motion activated, battery powered, wireless indoor video camera. It can also be activated by user request. The ISMV is designed for use with a Videofied security system.
The ISMV is built in with a digital camera as well as a dual element passive infrared motion detector.
The detector is powered by 3 CR123A Lithium batteries for up to 3 years of battery life depending on the detector activity. When the alarm system is armed and a motion is detected,
the ISMV sends a signal and the camera is enabled for a 10 second digital video. That video is transmitted through the panel to the monitoring center.
In addition, the end user will be able to request a 'live' video from every ISMV in his Videofied system. Following that request, the ISMV enables its camera and streams in real time
the video to the panel. The user immediately receives the video flux on his smartphone.
The detector also transmits a supervision signal every 8 minutes. That signal contains technical data and the camera status.

Spread spectrum S2 VIEW radio protocol.
- AES encrypted wireless system.
- Bidirectional radio link between the panel and the devices.
- CMOS camera sensor with 90 degree lens.
- Night vision thanks to 2 infrared illumination LED.
- Fresnel lens motion detection : 10m/90 degree detection pattern.
- The camera sends a color video for lighted sites or black & withe in night vision.
- Dual tamper : wall and cover tamper.
- CR123A Lithium batteries. Up to 3 years battery life depending on the detector activity and the environmental properties.

Technical Specifications

Panel compatibility
Streaming option W panels
Without streaming option XL, XLL, XT, XV, Visio and their variants

Battery 3 CR123A 3V Lithium batteries (NOT INCLUDED)
Nominal voltage 3 V
Low battery threshold 2.7 V
Estimated battery life Up to 3 years
Current consumption
Standby (1h average) 100 uA
Max 300 mA

RF S2View technology
Radio type Spread spectrum RF bidirectional
Operating frequency
- 868MHz - ISMV 200 (Europe, Africa, Asia)
- 915 MHz - ISMV 601 (USA, Canada, South America)
- 920 MHz -ISMV 702 (Australia, South America)
Transmission security AES algorythm encryption
Supervision Radio, batteries, tamper
Radio antenna Integrated

Video format H264 (MPEG if not available)
Framerate 5 images per second
Resolution QVGA (320x240)
Video file size Up to 230 kB

Angle 90 degrees
Sensor type CMOS
Lighted video Programmable : Color or B&W
Night vision video Black & white automatic infrared
Infrared illumination Automatic with 2 IR LEDs
Infrared illumination distance 7m

Infrared detection specifications
Technology Passive-infrared DSP
Type Dual element sensor
Lens Fresnel
Detection angle 90 degrees
Detection range Up to 10m
Initialization time 10 seconds
Recovery time 90 seconds

Tamper detection
Cover and wall tamper, electromagnetic immunity

Physical properties
Material ABS UL94-V0
Installation / Mounting
Mounting height 2.10 m
Wall mounting 2 screws
Box sealing With screw
Environmental properties
Operating temperature -10 degree/+55 C
Max relative humidity 75%, without condensing

868 MHz ISMV 200
Compliant with annex IV from the R&TTE 1999/5/CE directive
NF EN50131-2-2 Grade 2 2008
RTC 50131-2-2 2015
NF EN50130-4 2011
NF EN50130-5 Grade 2 2011



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