Nokia 610 (Car Kit)

Nokia 610 (Car Kit)


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Nokia 610 (Car Kit)

Contents: Radio Unit TFE-4 , Mounting Plate MKE-1, Display Unit SU-11, Input Device CUW-3, Microphone HFM-8, External HF Speaker SP-2, Power Cable PCU-4, Installation & Users Guide

Convenient Switching:
The Nokia 610 car kit phone is designed as a convenient extension of your compatible mobile phone. Linking the two is both simple and extensive - you'll need only one phone number and one SIM card for your mobile and car! Once the Nokia 610 car kit phone has been paired with your compatible mobile phone, it's activated each time you turn on your car's ignition. The Nokia 610 car kit phone can access the SIM card of your compatible mobile phone using Bluetooth technology. And you can also pair your compatible wireless headset with the Nokia 610 car kit phone at the same time.

Advanced Convenience:
The Nokia 610 car kit phone is both technically refined and intuitive to use. Excellent audio quality and an external antenna connection for better coverage enhance your on-the-road calling and messaging experience. And voice dialing is simple - just press the dedicated voice key and speak the desired name, which then appears on the large-font screen. Up to ten voice memos can also be recorded, and replayed by giving a voice command.

The Nokia 610 car kit phone can be paired with 2 different device classes:
Mobile phones supporting Bluetooth SIM Access Profile
Other devices using Bluetooth technology, such as wireless headsets
Compatible Nokia mobile phones:
Nokia 6230 phone
Nokia 6810 phone
Nokia 6820 phone
and other compatible phones

Compatible Nokia Headsets:
Wireless Headset HDW-2
Wireless Clip-on Headset HS-3W
Wireless Boom Headset HS-4W

Full Specifications:
GSM 900/1800 car kit phone
Car radio mute
Ignition sense
Navi wheel
Modem and fax function via Bluetooth interface
GSM data transfer:
- HSCSD up to 43.2 kbps
- GPRS up to 40.2 kbps

Memory for two user data profiles including contacts, voice tags, personal settings
Up to 500 contacts per user data profile, up to 5 numbers per contact
Business card and calendar card upload to mobile phone via SMS or Bluetooth technology
Contacts download from compatible mobile phone supporting Bluetooth technology

The Nokia 610 car kit phone consists of five main components:
Radio Unit TFE-4
Display Unit SU-11
Input Device CUW-3
External HF Speaker SP-2
Microphone HFM-8

Audio Features:
Handsfree with excellent audio quality
Option to use compatible existing car loudspeakers
Support for car radio mute
One touch switchover between car handsfree and compatible wireless headset supporting Bluetooth technology
Ringing tone and speaker volume adjustment with Navi wheel
Switch between normal, silent, and standby modes

Voice Features:
User-dependent voice dialing
Memory for up to 12 names per user profile
3 user-dependent predefined voice commands per user profile:
- Replay voice memos
- Download contacts
- Connect wireless headset
Voice recording also during a call:
- Up to ten voice recordings, totalling up to 5 min of recording time
- Easy replay of voice recordings

Call Features:
Call initiation:
- Voice dialing with name tags
- From phonebook
- From call register
- From favorites list
- Number dialing
Accept/reject an incoming call
Closed user group
Fixed dialing number
Short message handling
- Read SMS
- Voice call back to SMS sender
- SMS forward to mobile phone via Bluetooth technology
- Send predefined templates
- Store SMS as template

Interfaces supported
GSM 900/1800 antenna
Bluetooth profiles (according to specification 1.1)
- SIM access (SAP)
- Object Push (OPP)
- Dialup network (DUN)
- Fax
- Serial Port
- Headset
- Handsfree (HFP)

Radio Unit TFE-4
Weight: 305 g
Dimensions: 140 mm x 106 mm x 41 mm
Operating voltage: min. 10.8V, normal 13.5V, max. 16V
Power consumption: Active (call) < 1.5A, Standby < 300 mA, Off < 1mA
Normal operating temperature: -10 C to +55 C

Display Unit SU-11
Weight: 45.5 g (without cable)
Dimensions (L x W x T): 73 mm x 57 mm x 30 mm
LCD: Monochrome, 84 x 24 pixels
Background light: White LEDs
Indicators: Fixed icons above active pixel matrix and scrollbar

Input Device CUW-3
Weight: 16.7 g (without cable)
Dimensions (L x W x T): 56 mm x 35 mm x 24 mm
Four function keys: Send, end/clear/back, voice, and audio control keys
Navi wheel: Scrolls and selects
Background light: White LED's

External HF Speaker SP-2
Weight: 238 g
Dimensions: 86 mm x 85 mm x 60 mm

Microphone HFM-8
Weight: 37 g
Dimensions: 42.6 mm x 23.6 mm x 12.4 mm



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