MLS Destinator for Window Phones

MLS Destinator for Window Phones


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web price: € 65.00

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MLS Destinator for Window Phones

Contents: micro/mini/SD Card with the MLS DestinatorTM Navigation Software and Maps of Greece/Cyprus

Convert your mobile or Pocket PC into a navigator and enjoy top-quality MLS Destinator navigation! The MLS Destinator gives precise directions, turn by turn, with spoken instructions in Greek to get you to your destination.

Compatible with Window Phones with GPS.

Compatible with HTC 7 Pro, 7 Surround, C110 Radar, P3300, P3470, P3600, P3600i, P3650 Touch Cruise, P3700 Touch Diamond, P6500, S521 Snap, S730, S740, T3232 Touch 3G, T3333 Touch 2, T5353 Touch Diamond 2, T5555 HD mini, T7272 Touch Pro, T7373 Touch Pro 2, T8282 Touch HD, T8285 Touch HD, T8585 Touch HD2, T8686 7 Trophy, T8698 7 Mozart, T8699 7 Mozart, T9292 HD7, Titan, TyTN II P4550

Compatible with Motorola A3000, A3100, MPx100

Compatible with Nokia 610 Lumia, 710 Lumia, 800 Lumia, 930 Lumia

Compatible with Samsung B6520 Omnia Pro 5, B7300 Omnia Lite, B7330 Omnia Pro, B7350 Omnia Pro 4, B7610 Omnia Pro, B7620 Giorgio Armani, C6625 Valencia, I225 Exec, I350 Intrepid, I617 BlackJack II, I637 Jack, I780, I8000 Omnia II, I8350 Omnia W, I8700 Omnia 7, I900 Omnia, I907 Epix

Compatible with Sony Ericsson M1 Aspen, Xperia X1, Xperia X2



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