Screen Protector for Samsung N980 Galaxy Note 20 X-One

Screen Protector for Samsung N980 Galaxy Note 20 X-One


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Screen Protector for Samsung N980 Galaxy Note 20 X-One

Contents: Screen Protector Film with application kit

The Ultimate Shock Absorption Screen Protector Upgraded V.2 + of X-ONE is the best protection film that you can wear on your mobile ensuring the utmost safety.

It's designed to fit perfectly on the phone screen and protect it from scratches.

Made of high-quality materials of high durability, it does not change the screen's sharpness and is easy to apply. It provides you with free access to the camera, sensors and headset.

You almost do not understand that you have a membrane on your screen, as its thickness is infinitesimal.

Although no screen protector can be described as unbreakable, X-ONE's Shock Absorption Screen Protector V.2 + warrants it to be the closest.

The membrane covers only the flat part of the screen and not the curves on the edges.

- Made of high-strength materials
- Perfect application without blisters
- Easy placement
- Perfect response to screen operation
- Specially designed for each phone with the necessary notches
- Maximum Safe screens protection from scratches, wear and tear

Ultimate Pro features:
- Anti Shock. Improve up to 5X original screen's shock resistance
- Puncture Protection Layer. Block sharp object from piercing through the screen protector, ultimately protect device's screen
- 5H Scratch Resistance Protection. Highest hardness rating obtained on a soft PET film
- Ultra HD. Gives vivid and flawless image clarity
- Anti-smudges. Fingerprint resistance, liquid, dirt and grease repellent, providing easy cleaning
- Air-releasing adhesive. Quick and easy application, electrostatic feature automatically pushes air outwards.
- Ultra-soft Tough. Not easily deform or crack upon bending or knocked.
- Easy DIY installation. With step by step installation video.
- Professionally certified by SGS and TUV

Compatible with Samsung N980 Galaxy Note 20, N981 Galaxy Note 20 5G



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