Videofied SEV200 Two-way Indoor Siren with Audio Verification (W-Series Live Streaming)

Videofied SEV200 Two-way Indoor Siren with Audio Verification (W-Series Live Streaming)


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Videofied SEV200 Two-way Indoor Siren with Audio Verification (W-Series Live Streaming)

- Compatible with W series Videofied alarm panels
- Wireless interactive technology
- 100 dBA output at 1 meter
- Adjustable siren duration (according to local legislation).
- Embedded microphone and speaker for half-duplex intercom.
- Dual tamper function.

The SEV200 intercom siren is a wireless device designed for use with the Videofied security systems.
The SEV200 is compatible with the W panels.
The SEV200 has two functions :
- Siren function. 101 dB output level at 1m. Siren length 90 seconds to 15 minutes (according to local legislation).
- Intercom function. Microphone and speaker for half-duplex intercom.
The SEV200 must be audible everywhere on site. Please install the device in an appropriiate location. That will ensure a quality intercom.
Mutliple SEV200 can be registered on a single panel.
When the intercom is launched, only the intercom siren associated with the triggered detector will be activated.

- Audible signalisation of alarms in Videofied security systems.
- Radio wireless half-duplex intercom.

- S2View - Spread Spectrum, Videofied, Interactive AES Encrypted Wireless technology provides optimum signal integrity and security.
- Siren output : 101 dBA at 1m in alarm situation.
- Speaker and microphone for half-duplex intercom.
- Supervised - transmits a check-in/status signal every 8 minutes indicating tamper state and battery status.
- Dual tamper - provides detection for wall and cover tamper.
- 4 LR20 1.5V Alkaline batteries: four years battery life.

Panel compatibility W and WIP
Power requirements 4x 1.5V D/LR20 Alkaline batteries (NOT INCLUDED)
Nominal voltage 6V
Low battery limit 4.2V
Battery life 4 years with 75 alarms

Current consumption
Standby 250 uA
Siren mode 160 mA max
Intercom mode 280 mA max

RF S2View technology
Radio type Spread spectrum bidirectional RF
Operating frequency 868MHz - SEV 200 (Europe, Africa, Asia)
Transmission security AES encryption algorithm
Supervision Radio, batteries, tamper
Radio antenna Integrated

Siren Buzzer
Average power level 101 dBA at 1m
Max siren duration 15 min (according to local legislation)

Microphone (intercom)
Type MEMS omnidirectional
Sensitivity -42 dBV/Pa
Max impedance 120 dB SPL

Speaker (intercom)
Output level 1.5 W
Average acoustic level 91.5 dBA
Impedance 4 Ohm
Tamper detection Wall and cover tamper

Physical properties
Material Plastic White ABS UL94V0
Dimensions (LxWxD) 228 mm x 168 mm x 60 mm
Weight 735 g (without batteries)

Environmental properties
Operating temperature -10 C/+55 C
Max relative humidity 75%, sans condensing
Protection marking IP31 / IK04
Material ABS UL94V0 white plastic

Installation / Mounting
Wall / Cover Four screws secure siren base to mounting surface. Two side screws for cover locking.

EN50131-4 Grade 2 - Type W
NF EN50131-4 2009 Grade 2 - Type W
NF EN50130-4 2011
NF EN50130-5 2011 Environment class II



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