Soundtech Ltd is a private family-owned company registered as L.I.A. Soundtech Car & Home Solutions Ltd. It was founded in 1996 and it is one of the oldest known companies specializing in the mobile phones market with strong Telecom ingenuity, generating and applying smart ideas.

Up until 2008 the focus of the company was a combination of wholesale and retail of mobile phones, accessories and spare parts with emphasis on after sales support. The company trades all major brands and has built reputation regarding i) Being the first to start selling new models ii) in-stock all major models iii) a list of over 5000 accessories. More than 400 different batteries are in stock, so once you stop in Soundtech Ltd, you are almost certain that you will find your mobile accessory. In addition to Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry, Motorola, we were the 1st company introducing Samsung mobiles in the market as well as HTC, Apple iPhones, Huawei, and Xiaomi.

Soundtech Ltd has built the reputation of servicing customers who demand the very best and high end products in the market. Soundtech Ltd is one of the few companies in Cyprus that offers a complete solution package for hi-tech mobile products and mobile related solutions. The technical center is always ready to offer a very high standard service to all customers. We specialize in customer satisfaction and delivering high end technological products at the best prices. It is this specialization that differentiates us from the rest.

Soundtech Ltd is servicing more than 150 outlets (telecom & security) all over Cyprus through special agreements and supply Telecom and Security products to many major companies and institutions in Cyprus with corporate agreements. In addition, it has an extensive cooperation agreement, on multiple levels, with Bank of Cyprus (have run several AMEX campaigns), Hellenic Bank and Co-Op.

In 2010, our mortar and brick expertise has been utilized effectively by expanding into the e-commerce market by introducing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems in every aspect of the company via SAP Business One platform. We were the 1st to enter into the digital world, setting up one of the best websites in Cyprus. The has been for years the measuring tool for buying mobiles. With an average 1000 daily unique visits, it was not a surprise when performing digital marketing campaigns to reach 10000 visits per day! This has shown us the path that Cyprus is ready for the next step in e-commerce for as long as we remain one of the leading brick and mortar companies. We are one step closer to our motto ‘we can beat any advertised price’ as this is more achievable and comparable in the digital world of e-commerce.

In 2014, Soundtech Ltd has become the authorized exclusive distributor of the hi-tech French company RSI Video Technologies to sell and market the Videofied alarm systems in the island. Videofied alarm systems have unique features compared to other brands such as: they are totally wireless (all peripherals and panels can operate with just batteries), there are both indoor and outdoor cameras (IP65) with XTO panel being waterproof (IP65), and XT series can connect (piggy-back) to other panels to provide them with video verification. The challenge for Soundtech Ltd is to become an integrator of telecom and security products and services. We have published our vision in year 2012 in the No.1 Cyprus In-Business portal with only one modification regarding the security brand as we have found out that Videofied is giving us, everything that we need to achieve the “5-play” through association with telecom providers.

Company Details:

L.I.A. Soundtech Car & Home Solutions Ltd
Company Registration No.: HE81784
VAT Registration No.: CY10081784N
TIC No.: CY12081784P

Telephone: (00357) 22757555
Fax: (00357) 22350428